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Need Training Manuals?

Need Training Manuals?

Training manuals in presentation folders or booklets can all be produced here at Barneys.

One of our esteemed clients required training manuals in custom made ring binders. So these have been built from the ground up. The folders require three pieces with the front and the back and the spine.

Then it is encapsulated and welded on the edges and the internal pocket is put there as well as the business card holder. A particular size ring  has been selected. This is a two ring shape, it’s called a D ring and that is custom fitted. Then it is all welded with the colour and finished and put together as a simple training manual. This is a little bit different to the kind you buy where you can just print and slip in a sheet on the front. This is a sealed product.

If you have any need for any training manuals for a sales conference, for a new department or division or whatever it happens to be, these are a great idea. They are locally made, turned around very quickly and we can easily make them in any shape, any size, whether it be A4, A5, slightly larger, portrait or landscape, it doesn’t matter.

Ring Binder Types

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