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About Us G&T

Barney’s Print Management was started in 2003 by Garry and Tanya Barnett. The purpose of establishing the business was to provide clients with a level of service and understanding of their Print Management needs that Garry had expected when he was a buyer of print in the marketing industry for over 13 years.

Barney’s started as a single point of contact for the sourcing of all printed materials for our clients. Over the years we have expanded into the sourcing of signage and promotional products due to demand from our clients. If you need printing in Australia, we would like to help you.

The idea behind Barney’s Group is to let a specialist manage your print process from concept to delivery. What this means is that by having one central point of contact for all your printing needs there is likely to be significant savings in both the cost and in the time taken to organise the jobs. That’s how Barney’s Group can make a significant difference to you our valued customers.

Barney’s Group offers a completely integrated client solution including print management, signage solutions, promotional products, centralised storage of printed collateral and a distribution/freight network to anywhere local or overseas at the most economical freight rates. It’s a business-to-business solution offering a single point of contact for you.

Barney’s has offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Guangzhou, China. We established the office in China to ensure that the products we source from there meet with the quality expectations that we have in Australia. Our staff in China have been trained in printing in Australia and understand very clearly our quality processes.

Understanding your needs is always our focus! Our emphasis is primarily quality and service and at the same time seeing how we can reduce your cost of printing.