Printed Backlit Posters

Backlit Films / Posters is a great choice to grab the attention of your potential customers. Make your posters stand out with pops of colour and lights that makes it shine.

  • Choose if you want it glossy or matte
  • It has a premium quality translucent finish
  • Suitable for windows or light boxes
  • Easy set-up in just a few minutes
  • Best price guaranteed
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Printed Backlit Posters and films

Captivate your audience and create an impact on your customers when you use printed backlit films especially in light boxes. Your products deserve to have great visibility and publicity and our backlit posters can give you just that.

Barneys offers high-resolution translucent film printing with the latest technology. We ensure our customers that your films / posters are always of high-quality and they will illuminate your brand.

Printed Backlit posters and similar films make a vibrant and engaging impact for your target audience. They have long been identified as an ideal substrate of choice in all street furniture settings such as those you see all over the public transport network.

Additionally, Barneys Printing leads the way with high resolution clear film printing by way of the latest technology. We will ship nationally for you as well.

Let’s impress our target market and leave an impression with these show-stopping printed backlit posters!

Backlit prints are ideal for your store’s special offers and promotions, movie theater boxes, posters and premiere nights, airport, train, tram and bus stop signs, menu displays, window presentations, and much more. Backlit films really shine and stand out from the crowd especially at night. Not only can you use them at night, but they are also an effective marketing material when unlit during the day. It will showcase your style and creativity 24/7. Rest assured that you can have your money’s worth.

Increase brand awareness and highlight your daily offers and discounts.

Whatever type of business you have, we all know that we need attention grabbers, and this will allow your customers to be informed of your latest discounts and offers. It will also aid in increasing foot traffic for your store.

Our latest and state-of-the-art printing process makes your posters of high quality. Giving your marketing designs life with a vibrant charm. The colours you choose will shine brighter when under artificial lights or sunlight. Adding that special feel to these backlit films. That is the reason why a lot of people prefer to use backlit posters.

It is a certified attention grabber and showstopper! Do you want an effective way to advertise your product? You may want to consider getting your custom printed backlit posters. We look forward to making your business shine above the rest with these backlit films.

Should you have questions, please let us know our Customer Happiness Team is excited to help you out. Do give us a call on 1300 663 812.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is a backlit film and where can I use this?

Backlit films are intended to be used for light boxes. They are printed a semi-translucent film which ensures that light will be equally distributed all over your poster. The result is a glowing poster of high-quality.

Are the posters folded when shipped?

No. If it is small, we simply put the posters flat. If it is large, we roll them. The posters are not folded when we ship them.

Are self-adhesives included in the backlit films?

No, our backlit films do not include self-adhesives.

What method is used to make the posters?

The backlit posters are printed using the latest digital printing services. We use CMYK colours and various UV inks to make your design a reality.

Which delivery couriers do you use to distribute the posters?

We have various courier options, but we prefer to use Startrack for an affordable, reliable, and quick service.

Can I request for a quotation if the product that I am looking for is not here?

Yes, we can make a quotation for your request if it is not available on our offers. Kindly keep in touch with our team and indicate the details you need from material, size, and quantity. We will see to it that we provide you a quotation within the day. Please take note that for complex requests it may take a longer time.


Go ahead! Make a striking impact on your target market with unbeatable quality backlit posters!

Backlit posters printed will have a major impact for your retail storefront promotions, cinema poster advertising, tram stop campaigns, photographs, and so many other use cases in the public eye. Custom printed Backlit posters and films really do become a head turner in particular after dark. With us, your important printing projects are guaranteed to grab the limelight 24/7. Furthermore, they are an around the clock printed marketing machine. Day or night. They will deliver amazing bang for your printed buck.

Moreover, in the event that you ideally need to be the loudest in your industry or for your organisation, there’s no smarter way than printed backlit posters in bulk. You can be confident that our custom translucent film printing is best in class. Since 2003 we have been rolling these out. You’ve probably seen our work on the streets. Did you know that printed backlit posters are printed using UV inks and are stable to even the harshest direct-sun locations.

Furthermore, if  you are looking to round out your event or campaign then why not also have a closer look at our corflute signage pricing as well. Furthermore, if your team are out on the streets promoting your big event, then kit them out in branded baseball caps. Have a look at our budget caps as a great starting point.

Lastly, our Customer Happiness Team are ready and raring to help you out with your printed backlit posters. Do give us a call on 1300 663 812.

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