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PVC Outdoor Vinyl Banners are simply ideal for events, advertising and sales. We love printing custom single or double sided vinyl banners in CMYK vibrant full colour. We will even finish them with eyelets or ropes and even sewn rod pockets so you can display hang them. These are made from the highest and most durable material. Perfect for both outdoor and indoor use. Most importantly these are easy on your budget and will last.

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Outdoor PVC Vinyl Banners & Outdoor Signs

Let your business stand out whether it be your storefront, booth display and event set-ups.

For a small business, you need to grab the attention of your customer’s in just a few seconds. Vinyl banners will surely do the trick. Advertise your business during fairs, exhibitions, and events with the design you prefer. Increase visibility, awareness, and recognition of your brand by using these PVC vinyl banners. Make use of this to present your brand to people. You can also use this on events to provide information, promotions, or discounts.

  • Made from highly durable and lightweight vinyl material
  • Long-lasting and reasonably priced
  • Portable and perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

These personalised vinyl banners highlight eye-catching colours, vibrant and sharp printing. Making it easy to see even across the street. We offer a variety of thickness options for outdoor use. If you are looking for an effective, affordable, and durable option, look no further. We got you covered!

What sizes are available?

We have every custom size available that can be printed both vertically or horizontally. Consider what will fit perfectly in the space you have.

What materials are used?

Material to be used for your personalised banners depends on where you place them. You can use outdoor banners inside, but indoor banners are not suitable for outdoor use. All our vinyl banners are water and fade resistant and durable.

  • Indoor banners have a matte finish. It is made of white 440 gsm vinyl, making it tear resistant and lightweight.
  • Outdoor banners also have a matte finish. It is made of 500 gsm vinyl, which provides more durability. These banners are designed to resist rain, wind, and sun.

What are the hanging options?

  • Clear adhesive eyelets: Hassle-free and easy to use, you can add these by yourself.
  • Metal eyelets: We recommend this since they are available for both indoor and outdoor vinyl banners. The metal rings are pre-installed for easy set-up.
  • Banner stands: This is recommended for indoor booth displays, trade shows, conferences, and other event set-ups. Ideal for vertical banners.

 Still wondering out which is the best option for you? Call our Customer Happiness Team or hop on our live chat.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the distinction between a pull-up and a vinyl banner?

The banners differ in the materials used to make it.

  • Vinyl Banners: Select between indoor (440 gsm) and outdoor (500 gsm) vinyl. Both are water and fade resistant.
  • Pull-up Banners: Comes with a pre-assembled stand and a vinyl banner.

What is the weight of my vinyl banners?

The weight of the vinyl banners depends on the material (outdoor or indoor), size and if you are including the grommets/eyelets.

Here are some weight examples, by banner size, inclusive of grommets/eyelets:

  • 52 x 91cm: 218g with indoor vinyl, 250g with outdoor vinyl.
  • 76 x 183cm: 658g with indoor vinyl, 715g with outdoor vinyl.
  • 76 x 366cm: 1.33kg with indoor vinyl, 1.44kg with outdoor vinyl.
  • 122 x 244cm: 1.39kg with indoor vinyl, 1.51kg with outdoor vinyl.


Are grommets or eyelets included with my vinyl banners?

Yes, they absolutely can be.

Can you print the Outdoor Vinyl Banners in full-colour?

Yes, the Vinyl Banners and Signs can be printed in full-colour. We also have a high-resolution matte finish, perfect for artificial and natural lighting, and sunny conditions.

What design specs are needed for the banners?

Design specs can be determined based on what size your banner is.

Do you offer teardrop banners?

Yes, we certainly do. You can also try our Vinyl Banners and Pull Up Banners.

Are our Outdoor Vinyl Banners and Signs long-lasting and durable?

Yes, they are printed on heavy-duty vinyl making our Vinyl Banners and Signs long-lasting and durable. This material makes it durable and more flexible making it suitable for outdoor use. These banners have great longevity since they are non-porous.

Does our Outdoor Vinyl Banners and Signs disappear when in direct contact with sunlight?

We only use our unique UV printing technology for our vinyl banners. It prevents the ink from disappearing even when in direct contact with sunlight. We are leading in Australia for making banners and signs because of our unique printing technology.

Are these Personalised Outdoor Vinyl Banners and Signs easy to set up?

Yes, you can set this up easily. It is inclusive of necessary hems and clear grommets/eyelets, making it easy to install using a rope or a plastic tie.

How do I clean these Vinyl Banners?

Use water with mild detergent to wipe off the dust and dirt from your Outdoor Vinyl Banners. We do not recommend you use strong cleaners and detergents since they can damage the print. Do not use harsh materials. Use a soft cloth to clean the dust and dirt off your banners. Using a damp cloth kindly wipe down the banners gently.

What printing technology is used in creating custom banners?

To create custom banners, we use UV-printing technology which utilizes UV lighting for curing and an eco-friendly ink. This guarantees the finished product will be both vibrant and high-quality.

Which shipping services do you use to distribute the products?

We use several shippers for distributing our products. If we want fast, reliable, and affordable service, Startrack is our preference.

Can I ask for a quotation if I cannot see what I want?

Yes, you can ask for a quotation if you have distinct requirements or if you cannot see what you want for your order. Let our team know of your special requests and we will surely give you an updated quote within the day.

What materials do you use in producing block-out banners?

We use premium quality PVC for our block-out vinyl banners. They are thicker and not transparent compared to others. If you prefer print on both sides, we can do it for you.

What kind of finish is available for these customized vinyl banners?

We have a variety of finishes for our customized vinyl banners. You can select what suits you the most.

  • First, Hemmed edges with ropes and eyelets: To make it more durable and add stability we add rings in the corner with hems. This banner can have rings for every 100mm or 500mm, depending on your preference. With this you can easily hang up your banners. However, these rings can hold a maximum banner size of 150 x330cm. Ropes are added: To give extra strength to the banner hemmed edges.
  • Second, Hemmed edges only: The banners are just hemmed in this finish and no rings are added. You cannot hang your banner with this.
  • Third, Rod pockets: Rod packets are added to the trimmed and hemmed banners.


Should I add a 5mm bleed all around my design?

Always add a 5mm bleed all around to allow slight cutting differences during production. To prevent leaving white lines due to cutting variations, make sure that the pictures, colours, and background images are extended until the bleed area. When you submit your file, it is best to add crop and printer’s marks.

Please see our artwork guidelines on how to configure your artwork to keep anything important away from the edges.

Lastly, if you are looking to pair up your printed vinyl banners, how about doing it with some branded promotional items. For some ideas, how about checking out our sister website and in particular custom baseball caps. If you need any help whatsoever, call our Customer Happiness Team on 1300 663 812. We can’t wait to chat!

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Banner Welding and Eyelets every 50cm, Banner Welding and Eyelets every metre, Banner Welding with Rope and Eyelets every metre


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