Reusable Indoor Stickers

Reuse these stickers time and time again

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Reusable stickers are designed for customers that would benefit from having promotional material that can be easily applied, removed and reused at their next promotion or event. We offer a Stock which can be used time and time again on flat and smooth surfaces such as windows. The adhesive side of the sticker has small repositionable dots that will ensure you get the stickers on and off easily. This stock is recommended for indoor use or can be used outdoors for a short time when there is no rain.

The reason why this stock is so popular is its cost-efficiency, versatile usage and the fact that it is so easy to apply. Any bubbles can be pushed out easily due to the gaps between dots and this stock won’t leave a sticky mess on your walls or surfaces.

The base film is white and we do not do a clear stock. You will find that a white base maximises visibility. We print with a latex ink for stickers. This is more environmentally friendly than solvent and other inks. The non-toxic properties of this ink make these stickers child friendly and very popular for use in kindergarten and day-care facilities.

We can print and cut this product from 100 x 100mm right up to 1250mm x 10 metres so please ask us for a quote if you cannot find what you need here.

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450 x 600mm, 600 x 900mm, 900 x 1200mm


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