Simple Ways to Make Your Brochure Stand Out

Brochures are a perfect option for telling more about your brand and business.

Whether you want to provide complete information regarding your services, or simply connect with your clients, a brochure can help you share your story. And it is very easy to make. Use these steps in creating your brochure. One that suits your brand’s image.

Before you start

To create the ideal brochure for your company, first, you’ll need to prepare the content. Before you start, make a folder where you can find the following:

Logo: Use your logo in a high-resolution version for the best quality.

Images: Choose an image of high-quality. Make sure it best represents your products and services.

Copy (text): Your message is essential, so make sure you spend time creating a draft of what you want to say. You’ll get to make edits later on. Your copy should include the following:

     Introduction/ About Us: Concentrate on one or two key messages. Tell the customers who your company is and what you offer.

     Product/ Service: Include important details about your services. Use categories for your products and services.

     Contact Information:  Make sure you add your company’s contact number, email address, and business hours.

Making your brochure

After you’re done with your draft, prepared your logo, and photos, you can start making your brochure.

  • Choose your format: Look at your content, choose what type of fold fits in with the purpose of your brochure.
  • Pick a design template: There are various templates that you can choose from. You can also filter it by industry. Upload your logo and choose a colour that matches its colour palette. Focus one or two key colours for a fresh and clean look.
  • Design your content: When you’re done with your template, you can start adding your content. You can edit as you go. If you want to grab attention, use a catchy, and short headline. Use no more than three font sizes.
  • Select your paper and finish: Choose your paper stock and coating. Go for thicker paper for more durability.

How to make your brochure work?

It’ll be fun when you see your brochure printed, but the real effect comes when you start using them. Displaying them at well-chosen locations will surely grab the attention of possible customers. You can also give them out as leaflets at your storefront or take them when you attend events, conventions, and trade fairs.