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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If for any reason the print job does not meet the agreed requirements, let us know within 5 days of delivery and we will rectify it.

It’s that simple! We’ve been told that’s a pretty cool Printing Guarantee.

Every customer at Barneys needs peace of mind. That’s why the Barneys 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is our commitment to you that we are here for you on each and every job. We are proud to say that our printing guarantee offers you the greatest protection in the Australian printing game. Our 7 stage quality process means your job will be finished on-time, in budget and to specification.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

How does Barney’s 7 Stage Quality Process Work?

Step 1: The Brief Stage

After a chat with you, we will feedback everything to you in an email.

Step 2: The Quote Stage

Barneys will give you a quick quote showing the important parts of your job.

Step 3: Acceptance of Quote Stage

After we receive your quote and print-ready art, confirmed delivery details and agreed lead time, we can move on to the next stage.

Step 4: The Artwork Stage

We will check the artwork for any issues that may affect the printing quality and alert you to the fact prior to printing/manufacture. A new file will need to be supplied prior to progressing to print production if there is a problem. We know you will appreciate this care we take.

Step 5: The Proof Stage

We will deliver to you either a hard copy proof or a PDF proof of your job, a mock up or sample if needed (usually for more involved booklets or products with special folds, shapes and so on), for your approval before the job goes live. Upon approval by you of this proof, we will then proceed. This proof is kept and is used by our  team as part of our checking process to ensure your satisfaction at the end of the process.

Step 6: The Production Stage

In the Production process we will check to ensure your job is:

  1. Made to the colour as in the artwork file
  2. Printed in register making sure all colours line up to give a crisp look
  3. Formed to the size and shape of the final item
  4. Produced ensuring all trimming (if required) is straight
  5. Finished with no marks or scratches
  6. Made and put together as per the agreed specifications
  7. Samples are kept by Barneys

Step 7: The Pack and Ship Stage

The goods are checked by our team before they are packed in clean, strong and clearly labelled boxes and shipped to you using a well known courier.


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