Printing Advice: Digital Printing, Offset Printing, Promotional Merchandise, Signs & Labels

At Barneys we made the decision a long time ago that regardless of whether we win print management or promotional products work, offset printing or digital printing work we would give out the best printing advice possible.

There are so many variables in printing to get right (and a costly exercise if it’s done badly) that our laser focus is on producing printed work that is not only cost effective but also suits the application perfectly.

Whether it’s a simple four page brochure or a complex decal right through to large run catalogues or posters and newspapers, the print specifications have got to be accurate to ensure the best possible result.

Hidden amongst this type of work are printing tips and tricks that we share on a regular basis with our clients. We do this so they don’t fall into the many traps that we have learnt to avoid through many years of experience.

Offshore Printing – Are You Sure?

Yes we can print offshore but does the freight or currency exchange negate any gains by doing this for your project?  Or, does your printed sign need a white backing to make sure the colours of your brand remain true? Maybe you need labels on a roll rather than stickers on sheets, and how do you print one of the hardest colours to get right? : orange.

Your printing requirements may be simple and you’re looking for competitive pricing or a better, more cost effective way of getting your printing done.

Printing Brief

Our team of highly experienced account managers know it’s part of their brief to offer you:

1.     The best printing advice regardless of the costs involved

2.     Give you the best price from our list of amazing suppliers

3.     Warn you of any potential issues with your project

4.     Keep you up to date with the latest technologies and products

5.     Follow the Barneys process to the letter

Our goals are to build long term relationships, so it’s in our own interest to give you the best possible printing advice on how to get your desired printing results.

Call us today even if it’s just to steer you in the right direction. We deal with print management and promotional products all day, every day, so feel free to tap into our a print management knowledge bank at anytime.