Printing Products for you is our thing!

With 20,000+ high-quality Printing Products under our belt, needless to say, we are pumped.

Thinking back to our very first print job, the journey since has been full of fun-filled print projects.

With so much going on and to make sense of the many options in printing, we have sorted these in to four main types.

So, which category does your job fit in to?

Printing 101 – you know the kind we mean; paper printing such as brochures, flyers, magazines, booklets, stationery, pads and so on.

Promotional product printing – that’s when we take one of 10,000+ promo gifts and decorate it with a brand or logo to make it pop!

Sign Printing – these are simply everywhere right? Your brand on a sign. Pardon the pun, but that’s a sign of the times!

Label and sticker printing – almost everything we buy has a sticker on it. Can you believe they actually put a sticker on every apple and kiwi fruit!

There’s never been a more exciting time in print. The latest equipment allows us to produce super fast-turnarounds like never before. On-demand printing really keeps us on our toes. It’s amazing to think we can hit 24 hour turnarounds as a standard these days. The modern digital printing methods have sped everything up and quality is top shelf too! Offset printing used to be the big boy in the school yard but now digital printing is the new kid on the block.  Who would’ve thought we’d see digital printing presses punch out prints on A2 sheets. There’s seemingly no limits. A1 digital presses will surely further change the landscape too.

Flat-bed digital presses have also changed the way we can provide oversized signs. These fully automatic monsters are able to spit prints out every few seconds and it’s amazing to watch. Same day print turnarounds are also possible. Drying time of ink is faster making lead times to market much quicker. It’s a win-win for everyone in the print game.  Kicking-off marketing campaigns, getting ready for sales conferences is now a breeze. Leaving it until the last minute and getting the job done is the new norm. It just makes us print guys earn our keep!