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Printed Mesh Banners 12x12


Printed Mesh Banners 12×12

Hi quality PVC Printed 12×12 Banner Mesh

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Printed Mesh Banners are perfect in situations where you need a banner or sign to handle windy conditions, such as large-scale outdoor advertising. The perforated material of mesh banner allows wind to flow through it, thereby creating less of a sail affect and maintaining visibility of your important message whatever the weather.

Printed Mesh Fence Banners are a favourite for clients in the construction industry, particularly in the form of site fence signs that are printed as 2.4m wide panels as well as 50m long banners. We offer printed mesh of 1.6m, 1.7m and 1.8m heights.

We use PVC Mesh as we have found it t be the most durable type of mesh product available.  Choose from a premium 12×12 mesh or a larger knit 6×6 mesh. 12×12 mesh is a more close-knit banner stock. The smaller perforations mean that the print image visibility is very high, however the trade-off is that less air flows through the banner. This is ‘premium’ mesh that may not be the best option for extremely windy environments . In contrast, 6×6 mesh is considered an open weave mesh. The larger perforations allow more air to move through and is ideal in higher wind load installs. However, due to the nature of the open weaves, there is less of a surface to print on so there is less actual print, making the image less sharp and vivid.

All of our printed mesh banners are finished with professional welding around the perimeter with eyelets at every 500mm. We eyelet mesh banners with an ultra-strong clear eyelet. Unlike traditional metal eyelets, clear eyelets are non-rusting, more durable and warp resistant. We have found this type of eyelet to be the most suitable for the pull banners get in high wind loads.

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