At Barney’s we also have experience in managing projects which require the co-ordination of many different facets related to printing and installation.

We can help you confirm your actual needs, audit your requirements or your current inventory, produce the marketing materials, and either install or deliver them to one or many locations.


A Large Public Transport Operator


Our client was implementing a system of real time tram arrival information – the Tram Tracker Project. Passengers could dial a phone number and get the real time arrival information of the tram to the actual tram stop. The whole tram network needed to be audited in order to get the exact GPS location of every tram stop. Our client also decided to use this opportunity to check some other information at each tram stop.

Then decals had to be printed and installed at every tram stop by a certain deadline. If any of the decals was installed on the wrong pole the result would be that passengers using the service would get the incorrect information regarding the arrival of the tram to the tram stop.


  • Barney’s assembled a team who were briefed in detail.
  • Each tram stop on every tram route was visited (1800 stops in all) and the following information collected: GPS coordinates, other pertinent stop information, photos.
  • The information was then collated into a meaningful spreadsheet and presented to the client.
  • A tracker ID was then allocated to each individual stop by the client.
  • Each tram stop need to have a decal printed with the unique ID displayed on it and installed on the correct tram pole.
  • The next step for Barney’s was, using the supplied client artwork, to add each individual stop ID to the artwork and print the decals.
  • We then organised for our team of installers to go out and install each decal onto the correct tram stop pole.


We are pleased to say that the whole network was audited, decals printed and installed by the deadline with 100% accuracy. Our client was kept well informed throughout the process and could launch their new initiative on time as planned.