1. We Share the same Vision

We must all understand the vision for Barney’s in order to achieve it.
We need to be among people who want to strive for and achieve the vision. This is integral to our culture.

2. The Customer is our Focus

We make our customer’s lives easier; we give them peace of mind. At Barney’s our customers are the reason for our existence and we never forget that. We go out of our way to understand their needs, questions, concerns and go to all lengths to ensure they are fully happy with the experience they receive from us. We do not speak ill of them. We will not mock, scorn, criticize them. We will accept and learn from their decisions and feedback and work harder to build and nurture new and existing opportunities.

3. I am Accountable

Everyone at Barney’s takes responsibility for their job and their decisions. We don’t blame but instead we take ownership of our mistakes, we move forward, learn from and fix any problems so that they do not occur again.

4. We Understand the Importance of Systems

We love systems because they make our lives easier. Systems are the minimum requirement to ensure consistency. We all contribute to process ideas and improvements and once a process is implemented we follow it. If we don’t like it we work to
improve it, we don’t ignore it. We always pay attention to our customer needs and to the requirements of their job. We take care of the details now, to prevent problems from occurring later.

5 We always Display a Positive Attitude

We always maintain a positive attitude. Positivity, even in the face of adversity, will fuel the energy of the team and the business. Our customers feed off our positive energy. We need happy team members who when they walk in the door everyday at Barney’s they know that only a ‘can do’ attitude will do.

6 We are a Team

We understand that we need to work as a team to prosper and grow. We understand that no person is an island unto themselves. Engaging in all things “team” is the responsibility of everyone. Simply disengaging shows a lack of interest in the bigger cause. What’s going to work? Team work!

7 We are Ethical

At Barney’s our ethics define so much about us! From obeying the law to knowing right from wrong and doing unto others as we would want done to us, we maintain a high level of integrity and honesty towards customers, suppliers and each other.

8 We are Problem Solvers

We love a challenge and finding solutions to difficult problems. We always try to think of a solution first before we give up or ask someone else how to do it. Solving a problem gives peace of mind to our clients, each other and management.

9 We Keep Learning

At Barney’s we expect to continually learn and improve our knowledge. This includes understanding new systems and processes, meeting new suppliers and customers and always being fully engaged in every initiative and activity.

10 We are Hungry to Win Every Deal

At Barney’s we go for every deal that fits into our business vision and scope of expertise. We never see an enquiry as a problem or too small. We see every enquiry as a challenge and another prospect we can welcome to the Barney’s World. Problems don’t exist, only challenges that we will easily find the solution to and going after every deal is the way we will grow.

11 We Encourage Robust Discussion

We love robust discussion and while we may debate an idea we never attack each other. We communicate with each other on the same level and are able to discuss negative and positive matters openly with respect.

12 We Share Information

We share information across all levels of our organisation. We listen with an open mind to the opinions of our customers, suppliers and each other. We always respond and keep in touch with our customers especially if there is a problem effecting their job.

13 We Embrace Change

At Barney’s we embrace change. To grow we must continually improve. Change will be a constant at Barney’s and embracing that change with gusto is how we will help the business grow.

14 We are Reliable

We do what we say we are going to do when we say we are going to do it. We under-promise and over-deliver for both our
customers and ourselves.

15 We show Tolerance

We show patience, tolerance and respect for whoever we are dealing with, be they customers, suppliers or team mates. We are polite, courteous and caring. We do not discriminate. We help each other out.

16 Celebrating Wins makes it all Worthwhile

We love to celebrate our wins and we remember to have fun and a laugh during the day. We keep it all in perspective. We smile and always greet each other and any visitors to our office.