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  1. All files must be in CMYK and/or Spot colour. RGB is not suitable, however conversions to CMYK can be done on request.
  2. All linked files must be supplied for each job including all fonts and placed images.
  3. In certain applications (particularly PC jobs) it may be preferable to ‘outline’ any fonts used to avoid font problems.
  4. Any raster files (Photoshop EPS, TIF, JPG, etc) should have a resolution of 300dpi when placed at 100% into any artwork.
  5. Any missing files may result in delays in finishing the job.
  6. Artwork must be provided at 100% final size.
  7. All jobs must have 3mm of bleed outside of the trim area, if trimming is required.
  8. All jobs must be accompanied by at least one of either a full set of colour proofs or separated laser stats.

Note: in all instances Mac files are preferable to PC files. All PC jobs must have a ‘Press Optimised’ PDF supplied, as well as the original files.

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