Printed Foam Core Boards

Foam board printing or foam board signs are perfect when you wish to create highly visual printed indoor signage. Printed in either landscape or portrait on either 5mm or 10mm foam board. Select your options on screen and order online.

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Printed Foam Core Boards

Looking for a better way to improve the visual look of your event booths, tables, storefronts, stalls, shopfronts or office windows?

Improve the image of your business by having custom printed foam core boards for point of sale displays. Foam Board panels and signs are without a doubt the go-to option for business promotions, advertisements, and branding.

We create custom PVC foam signs based on the customer’s own design. Why don’t you give your customer’s the information they need by using foam panels and signs? We’d love to help you out.

  • Have an affordable, durable display that looks great even after several uses.
  • Made of 5mm or 10mm thick foam with an excellent matte finish.
  • Suitable for indoor point of sale usage.
  • It is compact and lightweight enough to take down and set up in just a few seconds.
  • Choose your size. From A4 size right up to 900mm x 1200mm.
  • Create your own design that works for your brand. Create stunning professional signs and header cards.
  • Use or create your own templates, by using your own design and photos to achieve a fully customized signage.
  • Our unique long-lasting UV printing technology will truly capture the design you created for these portable signs.


Here are some tips in creating your own design for Printed Foam Core Boards:

  • Make sure that size you choose fits well within your layout space.
  • Use a large font and make your message simple. Allow the people to ask you questions and learn more.
  • Photos and logos must always be in high-resolution.

There are also add-ons that you can use to highlight your printed foam core boards for in-store promotions, attending events and many more retail store settings. Consider using tabletop easels, floor standing easels

You will be proud to show off your professional, high quality, and vibrant looking foam board.

To help you create your foam board with full colour high resolution graphics, please send us an inquiry. We are excited to help you out!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What method is used in printing the foam core board signs and panels?

  • The following method is used in creating the foams signs: First, we use UV Printing technology which utilizes UV lighting for curing and an eco-friendly ink. It makes sure that the finish product is top quality with vibrant colours and print.


Can both sides of the sign be printed?

  • No, you can only use the front since it has a matte surface.


Are all details printed on the signs directly?

  • Yes, all details are directly printed onto the signs.


Can I write on the signs?

  • Yes, you can use a permanent marker for the best result.


Can I request for a circular or custom-shaped foam board sign?

  • Not now. We have various foam core sign sizes that you can choose from. However, all are rectangular shaped.


Can we use Foam board signs for outdoors?

  • Foamex boards are suited for indoor usage. We recommend you limit indoor use since these signs are lightweight and are not wind and water resistant.
  • For outdoor use, look for signages that are made of brushed or painted aluminum, or correx. You can also opt for our corflute signs.


Can these foam boards be attached to walls?

  • Yes, use command strip. It allows you to easily stick the foams sign on a wall and take it down easily. We have numerous packs of this strips – each comes in 6 pairs of 51mm x 18mm strips. You can have this as an add-on, a pair of this commando strips can take 2.7kg.


Can I put holes or grommets to the foam signs?

  • Not for this product


How much weight can the easel take?

  • It can take both floor-standing and tabletop signs that weigh up to 2.7 kg.


How are the size options listed? Is it by length by width (L x W) or width by length (W x L)?

  • The size depends on your chosen orientation. We list sizes as length by width for vertical foam core signs. However, it is width by height for vertical signs.


How heavy are these foam boards?

  • A3 = 105g, A2 = 210g, B2 = 300g, A1 = 420g, B1 = 600g, A0 = 840g


What various materials can I choose from for my Foamex boards / signs?

  • First, 2mm Foamex board. It has a hard foam core made of two synthetic plates. Making it lightweight and suitable for indoor use such as wall coverings and decors. These 2mm foam boards have a maximum surface of 2m2 per panel. Second, 3mm Foam board. It has a hard foam core made of two synthetic plates. These 3mm foam boards have a maximum surface of 2m2 per panel. Lastly, 5mm Foam board. It has a hard foam core made of two synthetic plates. These 5mm foam boards have a maximum surface of 2m2 per panel. Not Extra options: The typical finish of this promotional panel is called a clean cute. Your foam board signs will be cut in the same size as asked for.


Can I ask for a quotation if I cannot see what I want?

  • Yes, you can ask for a quotation if you cannot see what you want or have distinct requirements for your order. Send your requirements and our team will give you an updated quote within the day. However, it may take a longer time for complex requests.


How fast can I receive the foam boards? What delivery options do we have?

  • During checkout, you can choose from three delivery options. Whether you receive it within 3, 5 or 10 business days.


Which shipping services are used to distribute the products?

  • We use several shippers for distributing our products. If we want fast and reliable service, Startrack is our preference.


Foam Core Board Printing Plus More Promotional Ideas

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Our foam board signs print team are keen to help you out so dial us up on 1300 663 812 or tap on our live chat app.

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Landscape, Portrait


5mm, 10mm


450 x 600mm, 600 x 900mm, 900 x 1200mm


5, 10, 25, 50, 100


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