Trading Cards

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Print your own custom trading cards. Great for baseball, football or any other interests.

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Trading Cards

If you are looking for your next big idea on promotional materials, then why not make your own custom trading cards?

These are great if you have kids as a target market or just about anyone who would love to collect these cards. Trading Cards are highly collectable and with the right kind of marketing, you can really extend your promotional reach this way.

Furthermore, the cards do the talking for you every time they are traded in the playground or anywhere else.

Just give us your design and we will turn it into your own collectable swap cards.  The sky is the limit on what you can print on your cards. Your business will definitely stand out with such an ingenious marketing idea.

We put a UV coating on all the boards or cards to give them that shiny, protective covering. Then we place the cards inside metallic foils, boxes or bands. We use CMYK and two Pantone colours for the package prints.

Certainly, trading cards are swapped and treasured for a long time after they are purchased or given away.  They are a very clever way to promote your brand long term.

Another great way to promote your brand is with custom branded caps.  What better way to support your sports trading cards with a matching promotional baseball cap. You can find a huge range of caps at our sister website Fast Caps.

Above all we would love to work with you on creating your trading cards or any other promotional printing projects you are interested in.

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