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For your upcoming company event, whether it be a fundraiser or trade show, event signage will make it memorable. The same applies to benefits or a sporting events. You will also need cost effective signage to announce your message in a big way.

Moreover, after all, you want your event and your brand to get noticed. Barney’s Printing can supply discount signage for all your indoor and outdoor events. We will specially customise for your needs. Our personalised fast Event Signage can make even the most dreary venues become more festive and put your guests in the proper mood.

We have loads of signage options for both indoor and outdoor events. For example, our durable large vinyl banners are a fantastic option for an outdoor event. They can easily be seen from a distance. They’re also cheap to produce and easy to install. Further to that, they’re weather resistant. Why’s this important. It is, because you don’t have to worry about the colours fading from the sun. Better still, the ink won’t run if it rains as well.

Furthermore, add PVC bunting, feather banners and outdoor posters too. All customised with your corporate colours and your company logo. Your guests are sure to remember your big event.

Moreover, for indoor events, our retractable banners are a sure hit. Steal the show at any tradeshow with eye-catching graphics. Remember, easily readable text will arouse your audience’s curiosity and interest. Partner it with custom printed table cloths with your branding. How about posters that feature your products and your job is half done. Customers will come in droves to know more about your product and your company.

At Barney’s, we make things easy for our customers. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for all your bulk event signage needs. Not only that, we print other items too such as Corporate Business Cards that you can hand out to potential clients at your event. Show them a good time at your event then provide them an easy way to contact you once it’s over.

Event Signs Plus Promotional Products

You can also give away souvenirs to give customers something to remember your event by. Browse through a wide selection of customisable caps on our sister website Fast Caps. One of which is the promotional Combed Cotton Twill Flat Cap. Embroider your company logo on the front for stronger brand recall.

We’ve got your event covered, call us now at 1300 663 812 or chat with the team on the message box below.

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