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Guests check into hotels commonly for two reasons: on business or they’re looking for a temporary respite from their busy lives. Either way, hotels need to provide a comforting and welcoming environment for their guests. Hotels can achieve this through lighting, furnishing, temperature and fantastic amenities, however, having the proper signage complements all these elements while also increasing efficiency in the day-to-day operations. Custom printed hotel signs can be designed and made to have a similar look and feel as the décor and architecture of your business.

Moreover, there are multiple types of printed hotel signs that will prove to be beneficial to your motel or hotel. First of which is the main backlit sign that you can place right at the entrance. Especially, backlit signs create a beautiful effect at night. These signs can provide weary customers comfort as they enter your hotel.

Furthermore, printed lobby hotel signs provide information such as checkout times, room rates and options. Directional signage points your guests where they need to go. The elevators, the hotel restaurant, pool, gym and other amenities. Room number signs are a basic requirement as you’d well be aware.

They can be custom made to reflect the hotel’s style. Lastly, the printed emergency and exit signs which are an absolute necessity. They make evacuation easy in case of fire and other emergencies. There are other kinds of signage that you can add to your hotel. Our team at Barney’s are happy to discuss all your options with you including the materials to be used.

Additionally, installation and/or delivery is a conversation we’d love to have with you. Have you also considered printed notepads for your hotel rooms? A great little gift idea for your guests.

Hotel Signs Plus Promotional Merchandise

In conclusion, we also print custom Retractable Banners. These are ideal for trade shows, conferences and other events that are being held in the hotel. We can print any graphic or design in full, crisp colour and they’re easy to transport.

Do you have any type of team building or company sporting event coming up? If so, order promotional caps to gift to your staff. The promotional Sandwich Peak Baseball Cap is a stylish option that comes in great colours. Browse our website to see our full range of customisable caps at our sister website Fast Caps!

Lastly, start a conversation with our team today by calling 1300 663 812 or through the chat box below!

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