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Discount marketing cards remain one of the most effective marketing tools available to all types of businesses. Launching a marketing card campaign is an affordable, efficient and effective way to generate more business from existing clients as well as entice potential clients. The key to a successful campaign and to maximising your budget is to target a highly specific market. The next step is to present your target market something that will command and hold their attention. That’s where we can help.

Here at Barney’s Print, we give you quality end-to-end service. Our highly-skilled graphic designers are top-notch in determining the perfect layout of your cards to make sure that your promotion and its benefits are highlighted. We have a team of print specialists that will give you professional advice such as deciding on the right paper stock to give the impression of quality which is how you want your products to be considered. Our team of commercial printers specialise in printing marketing cards, with images and text that are crisp and flawless. Lastly, we take care of the delivery. Give us your mailing list and the date you want your marketing cards delivered and it’s done. No fuss, just excellent service.

If you’re looking to really step up your marketing efforts, giving out discount loyalty cards will ensure your clients will keep coming back for more! These cards are made of plastic and can easily be stored in a wallet or bag. Even better, you can customise loyalty cards with your logo and corporate colours for stronger brand recall.

Now, to go all out, have a look see at our promotional branded apparel range. Cheap customised caps are a great way to spread awareness for your brand or event. Give them out to customers and watch your client base grow. Our personalised Brushed Heavy Cotton Cap is an excellent, low cost option that comes in a large range of colours.

Grab your phone and give us a call at 1300 663 812 or talk to our print specialists via Live chat. We can’t wait!

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