Do you need printed flyers done fast? Need them crash folded, Z-Folded, bundled or shrink-wrapped?

Moreover, we have a stunning range of paper stocks available to make your job look great. We can print both short-run or large volumes of flyers super quickly. Do you need these to be split-shipped or do you prefer bulk shipping? We can print these in either black and white or in full colour too. All of our printing is completed using a sealing varnish to seal the inks. This will prevent scuffing or ink rubbing.

Furthermore, we print lots of  DL flyers, and all other popular sizes including A6, A5  and A4. Also, A3 sheets can be printed and crash fold down to DL format as well. It’s also very popular to print what’s called a 4pp DL pamphlet. These are a 210mm x 200mm sheet of paper printed then folded. It folds in half and its finished size is 210mm x 100mm.

That said, also, it’s also super popular to print A4 double sided sheets and fold it in to a three panel leaflet. Often called a tri-fold or 6pp flyer. Your fold type can either be what’s called a Z fold, crash fold, roll fold or concertina fold.

There are so many cool options! Could you also use printed counter cards to hold your new DL flyers? We’d love to help you out with these.

Fast Flyer Printing
Flyer Printing

Also, we can help you with the production of your job. We’ll start by choosing the right weight of paper. Our team will help you identify the size of your flyer too. We’ll only do what’s needed. The quantity required is up to you. No job is too big or small for us. Is there any special folding that may be needed as well?

Printed Flyers Plus Other Promotional Ideas

In conclusion, we can prepare either a PDF proof or hard copy colour proof of your artwork. Always a good line of insurance. Need help managing any mailing or distribution or delivery requirements? If you don’t have a graphic’s team to prepare the artwork, we do.  We can turn your ideas and concepts in to printed flyers that work for you.

You might like to added some branded confectionery to your upcoming event. If so, do check out our delicious range of promotional lollies. You may like to start with the custom Chewy Fruits Biz Card Box.

Lastly, we enjoy printing both small and large flyer runs. Getting the job done on time and being dependable is our aim for the next time you need flyer printing.  We have many samples we can show you too.

Get Fast Flyer Printing Quote
Flyer Printing Quote

Printed Flyer Services, super fast!

Look no further for quality flyer printing services.

Printed flyers or brochures are an excellent tool for expos, trade show and events and can come in many sizes.

The flyer featured in this video is what we call a 6 page DL. An A4 sheet printed on 2 sides and then folded into 3 panels.  There are 3 panels on each side which is why it is called a 6 page DL.  The DL size is 99mm x 210mm and is one third of the size of an A4 page.

These flyers are printed on a 150gsm gloss art paper which is not as thin as a letterhead and not as thick as a business card but just right for a flyer or brochure.

Printed in full colour on both sides and finished with a machine varnish to eliminate the chance of any ink rubbing or scuffing when they are packed into boxes.  After this, the brochures are banded in 100s and packed into cartons in even quantities.  This process makes it easier if they are going to be placed into stock in a warehouse.

If you have any requirements for flyers or brochures please give us a call on 1300 663 812 today and ask for Garry or one of our friendly team.  Mention that you are interested in our flyer printing services.

We would love to help you.