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Promotional Lanyards

Need promotional lanyards fast? Are you looking into purchasing promotional lanyards in for an upcoming conference or event? Do you need any guidance to navigate the many lanyard colours or lanyard clip attachment options? All in all, lanyards function as holders for a variety of items. These include identification company name tags, security tags, keys, pens or USB flash drives.artwork-lanyard-300x207

Moreover, your company or organisation name can be printed once or repeated along the full length of the material.

Furthermore, would you like options to the simple metal fitting at the lower end of the lanyard? It can be a simple functional ring or it can be fitted with a spring snap clip. These allow for speedy remove and replacement of your identity tag or keys.

Additionally, you will be able to choose from an extensive range of material colours and fabrics. There are even some that are retractable.  These let you pull out your key without detaching the device from your belt or pocket. Retractable lanyards are extremely practical. Notably, when you are required to swipe a security card every time you need to access a room or open a door.

Promotional Lanyards Plus So Much More

A bright idea might be to giveaway some promotional lollies at your upcoming event. Do have a look at our branded Jelly Beans Light Bulbs. Also, If you have your own graphics just email them to us and we will supply a quote as per your specifications and quantities. Should you require assistance with your artwork we can arrange for one of our graphic designers to work with you.

In conclusion, you may want to issue different coloured lanyards if your gathering is to be split up into a number of smaller groups. So many colour options exist.

Lastly, call our Customer Happiness Team on 1300 663 812. We’d love to help you.


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