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Promotional Mouse Mats

Where would we be without our all important promotional Mouse Mats? They go paw in paw with your thoroughly modern mouse.

Promotional Mouse mats are one of the finest means of promoting your business or company.  Your personally designed graphics will be on your customer’s desk right beside their computer.

Custom promotional Mouse mats are made out of a tactile vinyl with a foam backing or a rubberised material. Your designs and graphics can jazz-up the mat and make it really attractive to the user.

Furthermore, mouse mats are mainly made in the standard square shape approximately 200mm x 200mm.  However, if you prefer a rectangular or die cut special shape can be made too.

Moreover, mats can be designed and made in thousands of different styles. This includes animals for children to use or in the shape of a house if you are a building company.  You are only limited by your imagination. Our team can help you with your creative design – with ease.

Are you looking for on-time delivery, quality work, good communication and professional service?

At Barneys Printing we specialise in fulfilling your marketing and communication needs through providing you with high quality promotional products and service that is second to none.

Whether it is clothing, caps, badges or pens, key rings or lanyards, enviro bags, loyalty cards or USB drives we would love to help you. We also specialise in custom made items. Just ask us how.

Whatever your marketing need is we can help you to find a product to promote it.

We provide an end to end print management service. We will liaise with your designer or provide one for you, produce your job, deliver to one or many locations and even store if for you if you wish.

You can be involved in as little or as much of the process as you wish and we will communicate with you along the whole journey.

How do you choose a quality promotional products supplier?

There are 5 things you should look for when choosing the promotional products supplier who will give you the result you are looking for:

  1. Someone who listens to your needs, can explain clearly the print process and makes relevant suggestions.
  2. Has a clear quality checking process. Barney’s has a 7 point quality control process.
  3. Is always available to answer your questions and communicates with you.
  4. Someone who never misses a deadline.
  5. Someone who cares.

Why choose Barney’s?

Companies choose Barney’s for five main reasons:

  1. The Peace of Mind we give our customers.
  2. The 100% Satisfaction Guarantee we give our customers.
  3. Solid printing experience.
  4. Our competitive prices for printing services.
  5. Our excellent customer service.

At Barney’s we want to make your printing experience a breeze. Whether you need to print posters, flyers, brochures or banners we can help you. You can expect a unique and customer focussed experience when dealing with us. While most printers will focus on your ‘piece’ of paper, at Barney’s we are more concerned with your ‘peace’ of mind.

We can help you print booklets and books, postcards and flyers, posters of all sizes, point of display merchandise, folders and manuals, presentation folders and business stationary. In fact we aim to be a dependable print solutions provider to you and your company. We are experts in the sourcing and production of quality printed materials.

When you call us at Barney’s we will always answer the telephone. We will always know at what stage your job is and if we don’t we will find out and get back to you with haste. At Barney’s we don’t ‘go quiet’. We pride our selves on being dependable and never missing a deadline. We go the extra mile and love it that when you have a problem the first thing you think is ‘I’ll call Barney’s, they’ll fix it’.

Of interest, if you’re looking for a suite of printed items to build out your brand, then you might also need some custom Banners printed in full-colour for your corporate gatherings. Produced on state-of-the-art digital wide format machinery they are stars that shine not just at night time but also in broad daylight!

In conclusion, if you need head wears too – well, what can we say? You found us already! Check out our array in our sister website Fast Caps! Need low minimum order quantity? Then try our promotional OneFit Cap. Have your logo embroidered to up to 5000 stitches and it’s a certified gorgeous marketing exercise!

lastly, call us now at 1300 663 812, we would love to hear from you. Or you can simply talk to us via Live Chat. Just tap on the message box below and one of our lovely support team will be there to assist you! Chat to you soon!

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