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Display Stands, Gondolas Or End Cap Display Stands.

Today we have a great example of product display shelving commonly known as custom display stands, gondolas or End Cap cardboard display stands. These are sturdy cardboard display stands that have been printed in full-colour to really capture the attention of shoppers. You will see these stands in pharmacies, supermarkets, news agencies and a whole host of other retail and wholesale situations.

Here are five main reasons why these display stands, gondolas or end cap custom cardboard displays are great for business.

1. The display stands can come in all shapes and sizes so there are plenty of choices even for the most challenging product requirements.

2. They can be printed in full colour so your branding will be represented vibrantly and accurately.

3. The whole stand can be flat packed so it’s easy to transport both nationally or internationally and they only weigh 8kgs each.

4. The display stands are easy to assemble in fact it can be done by one staff member easily in around 10 minutes.

5. The stands are a cost effective way of displaying product and can be recycled.

We have suppliers both in Australia and overseas that can produced this high-end product with fast turn around times making it a great product for one-off events such as trade display stands gondolasshows, competitions or limited issue products. The stands are also so well designed they can last for years in a retail environment.

The display stands are made for the specific product in mind and therefore are strong and rigid and can contain support struts for heavier products where necessary.

The example shown is a stand that will be used nationally displaying various electrical products.

If you need a display stand to make your product shine call us today to go over your specifications and delivery requirements today! 1300 663 812

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