Business Stationery Printing

Business Stationery Printing

First impressions are lasting. Your business stationery is often the first impression your customer will have of your business. Make sure you have it professionally designed and printed. It doesn’t mean your stationery has to cost a great deal. If you are using multiple business stationery, such as business cards, letterheads, envelopes and with compliments slips, ensure that they all complement one another and look as if they belong. A mismatched suite of stationery will send the wrong message about your company.

Business stationery printing, in Australia or anywhere in the world, is vital for brand awareness, so you should always have your contact details clearly displayed on every item. A phone number, web address as well as the company logo and a brief statement or slogan about the services or products available should be tastefully printed on all stationery.

The standard paper color of white can of course be used to good effect, but light grey, cream or blue tinted paper can create an up to date image.  Of course the colour of paper and the type of ink used should reflect the company ethos. If it is a traditional and conventional company, such as a law firm for example, the colours will be restrained and muted. A more trendy and up market company such as a teenage clothing store should aim for a brighter image using more colourful inks and paper. Consider the colours that are already associated with your industry, such as the colour of the company logo. Incorporate this colour if appropriate, or choose a contrasting of complementary colour for your letterheads.

Black and grey are the most popular ink colours, but again, the more adventurous have used red, blue and green successfully. Good quality paper, heavier than computer paper will help to complete the strong impression of a business that can be trusted.

Brand awareness can easily be created using appropriate stationery. You are not necessarily advertising particular products or services, but simply placing your company name and logo in the public arena. Once your potential customers are familiar with your brand, then they can begin to associate this with particular products.

Custom made business stationary will make your stationery look professional. Customers will feel comfortable and assured that they are dealing with a well-established and secure business which is not going to be here today and gone tomorrow. Even though in the online age a lot of business is conducted through the internet, not all of it is. If a customer receives communication through the mail with a well presented, quality letter and envelope professionally printed with the company name and logo, you are going to be standing out from amongst your competitors.

Be sure that your stationery is balanced. A hectic colour like bright blue for the entire letter might be too much, but the inclusion of a small graphic in the letterhead in a bold colour might just grab the attention without being too overwhelming. Scattered music notes all over the page if you are a music store may make your customer think you are a disorganized and chaotic company. However, a small, subtle music graphic in one corner may convey just the right message of a creative and fun place to do business with.

The business stationery you use can seem like an insignificant part of your business. However, it is usually the first point of contact the public has with your business and as such, should be given due consideration. Quality business stationery printing, in Australia or overseas, will send a powerful message that your business can be relied upon and will deliver on its promises.

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