Learn the Basics about Large Format Printing

Learn More About Large Format Printing

In recent years, large format printing grows and evolves because of the new technology emerging. Large format printers of today are economical, easy to use, and able to print on any kind of surface. Using original sketches, personalised messages, or attention-grabbing graphics, its an effective way to increase profit. Furthermore it will help build relationships with clients. Large format printing is perfect if you are getting a new outdoor sign. Take advantage of this method to start a marketing campaign or create banners for an outdoor festival.

In this blog, we look at the pros and cons of large format printing. And, we will share some of the top oversized applications available.

Large Format Printing blog

What is Large Format Printing?

Large format printing can almost be in any size. But, generally it is at least 600mm. Did you know that large format printing outperforms giant LED displays or electrical panels, and other digital alternatives? They continue to grow in the printing market. They work for anything, whether your making sets, vehicle packaging, or banners. It is the best solution for any of your large format marketing needs. 

Large format printing has established itself as a cost-efficient advertising solution. This method of printing encountered some problems in the past. This includes long turnaround times, shorts runs, and high costs. Additionally, the surfaces and materials available used to be limited, costly, and difficult to process. This is no longer a problem because of the emerging new technologies. Flatbed printers have been around for a long time. But, now there are newer versions that are more useful and faster. These allow higher quality print runs and best of all, have become more affordable. Flatbed printers can now cater to various printing materials. In addition they are now available in a wide variety of inks and drying technologies.

The Printing Materials

One of the pros of large format printing applications is that it can be personalised to accommodate irregular objects. And, their visibility makes them work effectively for marketing campaigns. Large-format prints are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use because they are made with UV-resistant and weather-resistant materials. 

According to a study, banners are the most popular item produced by 91% of large format printers. Banners are frequently used at exhibitions, events, and multi-day festivals. Additionally, The material comes in many designs and weights perfect for various budgets and contexts. The more than 100-foot high banners come in nylon fabric or vinyl with UV-resistant inks. So, it can be strengthened with halved edges and wider eyelets for use in wind-prone areas.

Store window decors, wall coverings and vehicle trims can all be printed in large format. So, this printing method can be used for just about any kind of surface. Including hanging on walls, or as stand-alone displays.

Pros of Large Format Printing

Similar to other marketing printing solutions, you can cut them into specific surfaces and objects, regardless of the shape or size. With lowered costs and long-lasting print results, expansion is the most affordable way to achieve better print advertising.

Enhanced technologies and the increasing demand for large format printing has made the use of personalised finishing an essential part of the printing process. Choose a surface that fits your needs whether you use canvas, plastic, or tiles. They can be mounted, laminated, printed on ceramic tiles, or piped version for intense outdoor usage. Other methods and applications can be used to get special designs, longer life, or raised surfaces, all within your budget.

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