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Outdoor Floor Graphics

Outdoor Floor Graphics

Today we want to talk to you about this really cool substrate or print media that sticks perfectly to concrete, asphalt or similar floor surfaces – printed Outdoor Floor Graphics. The secret with this type of product is the preparation of the surface. We show you how in this video.

These outdoor floor graphics decals are printed with UV light fast inks and will last in the direct sunlight and present no problem in the rain or other weather conditions. They just cannot be installed onto a wet or moist surface. The surface must be dry for it to adhere properly.  Furthermore, channels or joins in pavers, concrete or bitumen that might allow rain to run underneath the print will most likely cause the lifting of these prints as well.  Just something to be mindful and careful of. There’s no need wasting your printed outdoor graphics so preparation is the key.

So, it’s vital that one of our expert sign installation team come on site with you and inspect the exact locations of where these are to be installed.

The printed outdoor floor graphics decals are also easily removed. They are aluminium-backed, non slip and by their nature present minimised safety concerns in that regard. What a great product for highly visiable, high traffic areas to promote your product or message. You can even use them inside.

Printing for City Councils is very popular to engage with residents, pedestrians and the general public. These are ideal for bike path printing, dog walking printed messages, Farmer’s market printing advertisements, public transport printing, passenger communication notices and so on.

Otherwise known as custom printed outdoor alumigraphic prints or printed Earthwrap aluminium graphics, these will add a totally new dimension to your overall marketing strategy.

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