Promotional Cardboard Display Cubes

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Promotional Cardboard Display Cubes

We produced the promotional cardboard display cubes in this video.  In this case the cubes were a flexible display that contained six distinct messages. The challenge we faced on this occasion was to take 32 cubes designed by our clients design team and construct 20 sets of 32 cubes. We took the prepared artwork and printed it on an offset sheet. We then, laminated those sheets onto a box board. Once we had die cut the boards to shape we then constructed and glued them together.

Like a puzzle they had to be assembled in the correct order. In this case there were 6 messages – each side of each cube contained part of an image which produced a larger complete message when put together correctly. How did we ensure each side of each cube contained the correct message when assembled? Watch this video to find out.

Promotional cardboard display cubes are a truly creative idea for getting your messages out there over a determined time frame.

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