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Promotional Lollies and Confectionary

Promotional Lollies and Confectionary

Promotional lollies and confectionery are a great idea for sales conferences, trade shows and product launches.

The challenge in this case study was to provide a black and white promotional confectionery solution for the launch of a new black and white product.

We put together 50g cello wrapped packs of black liquorice and white jelly beans. We then filled 40 containers with the lollies. The containers had to be branded. So we produced a label and adhered it to the container. We also provided nutrition ingredient labels as this is a health requirement. We also produced a flyer to accompany each container in each box. A custom sized carton was manufactured to fit the container snuggly and perfectly. It was then sealed and labelled ready for distribution. What a great solution to promote your product launch.

If you would like any more information on promotional lollies and confectionary options please take a look at our website Fast Promos. There are so many options. Call us today on 1300 663 812.

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