Posters: Design & Printing

Posters are the window to the soul of every business, campaign, event or promotion. This form of promotional printing in Melbourne can make all the difference. It can be single or double sided, full colour throughout, contain photos, tables, text or all three.

Posters are a great cost effective promotional printing strategy that you can use to effectively communicate your message to all of your customers and potential customers.

There are many situations which are ideal for the use of posters. You can use this kind of Melbourne based promotional printing as part of an awareness campaign for your business. Such a campaign usually focuses on giving precise details and information, so the emphasis will be more on the content and message and less on the actual design of the poster. It may be a safety awareness campaign that is being promoted, or perhaps a new store or a store at a new location. The content in such situations is crucial.

For this reason, the type should be bold and clear, with no fancy fonts which will distort the message. Promotional printing should have a minimal amount of information, as the viewer will lose interest if too much information is crowded onto the poster. Have the poster in some eye catching colour such as neon green so the eye will be drawn to it. An intriguing tag or headline should be placed strategically at the head of the poster.

You can use posters extremely well for local gatherings and events such as a play, or beauty pageant or local meeting. A simple and functional poster will do the job for these situations, with the place and time of the event clearly displayed.

To advertise your business, posters are one of the most economical methods you can use. They can be placed on windows and walls to decorate your business and also to inform your clients of new products and services which your business is offering.

Purely for personal use, posters can be used with great effect. You can take nearly any image and turn it into a decorative print to decorate your home or business.

There are also academic uses for posters. If you are a teacher, you can use posters for display or presentation. You can hang them on the wall or have them printed out to hand to your students.

Promotional printing gets noticed. Everybody will notice posters, especially if they have a unique design and stand out from the crowd. A good graphics designer can produce a quality poster design. Give them some of your ideas or examples of posters you like and they should be able to work with these ideas.

Think of a place you can post the posters in Melbourne to attract viewers and stand out. The look of the poster can be greatly affected by the quality of the paper you use. You want a decent weight of paper and the printing company you choose to print your poster can advise on this. There are three finishes to choose from for the paper: matt, gloss and satin. Although people generally think gloss finishes are the best, this may not necessarily be the case. If your poster is in a frame or a glass window, the reflection will be intensified by the gloss finish. Satin is best, with matt being a cheaper option.

Posters can be as traditional or as creative as you choose. Invest in promotional printing in Melbourne, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.