Are you a Self Publisher?

Self Publishing your Own Book?

Self publishing your own book is more popular than ever for authors who want complete control over their work. In this video, our CEO Garry Barnett, takes you through a case study of a great project we worked on with a self publisher. You can see the possibilities for your own project.

We can help you print your book or magazine. We can show you a wide range of options from a simple novel or business book through to an illustrated book full of specialised effects such as gloss spot printing and fancy covers.

Publishing your own material has become so much more cost effective with improvements in short run printing productions and easier access to the new technologies.

If you have time to spare we can also print your book offshore. This can be a great idea for self publishers.  We can guide you through that decision making process.

Self publishing in business is a great way of giving you credibility and also becoming an instant expert in your client’s eyes. Call us today on 1300 663 812 to discuss your publishing requirements.

Don’t forget to check out our FastPromos website to ensure you have supporting promotional marketing materials for when you launch your book.