Seven Tips To Make Sure Your Business Cards Don’t Get Trashed


Business cards are not just a form of personal marketing that allows you to keep in touch. Did you know that a lot of business cards given out end up in the garbage? We will share with you, business card tips to make sure yours don’t end up there. 

We normally give our business cards to people we meet and associate with because of work. This is your chance to create a great impression and to possibly meet new and potential customers. 

Studies show that 88% of business cards are thrown in the bin in less than a week. Here’s some reasons why they get the flick:

  • Uninteresting
  • Low or poor quality print and design
  • Unclear messaging

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Seven tips to make your Business Cards Stand Out

#1 First tip – go for a specific layout and design for your Business Cards

Your business card represents you and your company. Make sure that your layout and design shows your professionalism. Our designer’s business card tip is to place your details on one side of the card. The other side should contain unique and engaging visuals.

#2 Select the right colour scheme

You must consider your brand’s logo when selecting your colour scheme for business cards. If you are going for a unique, fresh, and exciting feel, one of our tips is to go for bright colours. Your business card will surely stand out with this colour scheme. While this is a great tip, don’t underestimate black and white designs. These colours create an impressive, unforgettable, and fashionable feel. 

#3 Business Card Tips – stock, thickness & laminate is important

Using low quality and thin paper for your business cards may create a negative impression of your business. We recommend using at least a 300gsm stock for a nicer and sturdier feel. Another tip, go one step further and add a matt or gloss laminate to protect your business card. If you want your business cards to last, a laminate is valuable.

#4 Go for easy-to-read fonts

Your business cards must be easy to read. Especially for people who don’t like reading or don’t have great eyesight. Your font size must be at least nine or larger. A tip for choosing your font style, don’t go for decorative fonts. Additionally, don’t try to squeeze in all the details on your card. A clear and concise message is one of the best tips we can give you for your business card.

#5 Do not super-size your business card

You might be tempted to make a big impression on potential clients by coming up with a bigger size business card. Take note that business cards are normally stored in people’s wallets and cardholders. The standard size is 90mm x 55mm, one of our business card tips is to stick to this. Going for a bigger card may annoy them. Potential clients may throw away your card instead of keeping them. You don’t want that to happen.

#6 Use good quality ink

Using good quality ink will ensure that your business cards won’t smudge, run, or fade away. Another one of our business card tips is to protect the print by using either a gloss or matt laminate. For sure it will not look good if you hand out cards that look cheap and smudge when you touch it. 

#7 Highlight your contact information

This is the main and logical point of having a business card. But, you’ll be surprised that many have failed to highlight the important details. They tend to focus on how the business cards look. Showcase your company’s name, website URL, business information, contact details, and social media accounts. You can make these details in bold and bigger fonts compared to the rest of your details. As mentioned earlier in one of our tips, just make sure you don’t cram in too much information. Stick to the basics. 

To Sum Up Business Card Tips

Business cards are an important factor in creating a great impression on the people you meet. Take note of these business card tips to make sure yours are kept. 

If you need help in creating and designing your business cards, don’t hesitate to ask for help. At Barney’s, our Customer Happiness Team is looking forward to assisting you.