Brochure And Booklet Printing

Brochure And Booklet Printing

Brochure And Booklet Printing comes in a huge variety of sizes and styles.

Firstly when it comes to the sizes of brochures, a very common size is A4. A lot of printed brochures are produced in A4 size. But you can orient the brochure any way you prefer. Portrait versus landscape. It really doesn’t matter to us. You’ve also got half of an A4 which is actually an A5 size too.

Furthermore, there are many possibilities when it comes to binding of printed booklets. A very common method is two staples in the spine. This is called saddle stitching. It’s called saddle stitching because when it passes along through the finishing section it sits over the conveyor belt. It is essentially almost like a cowboy on top of a saddle. There is also the flat edge that you’re very familiar. This is called perfect binding or burst binding. Then of course there is the good old plastic wiro, coil or comb binding method.

The Booklet in the Video

What else can I tell you about what we can do with booklets? Well, in this video I show you a pretty fancy little booklet. It’s actually a children’s activity book. As you can see in the centre there, we have cutout stickers. That’s the center fold there. If you go one side of the center fold, we’ve got a cardboard cutout with a fold. If we go back one page in the other direction we have little miniature cut out characters on a cardboard stock. This book is printed black throughout except when we get to the centre where it’s in colour. We can segment black from colour within the books as well.

Incidentally, when it comes to finishing books on the cover, we can put things like matt laminates or gloss laminates on the front. We can do really nice tricky die cutting of the words on the front page. That makes for a really nice effect. Then we can print on uncoated stocks or natural uncoated stocks. Then again we can just do the standard matt silk stocks or high gloss as well.

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In conclusion, when it comes to brochure and booklet printing there are so many different options and choices that we would love to discuss with you.

Brochure and booklet printing binding

Brochure And Booklet Printing