Using Promotional Booklets to Build Your Business

Nowadays, businesses can build their brand and relay their marketing message to consumers in a variety of ways compared to before. Flyers, leaflets, brochures, large format, and outdoor advertising can be mixed with social media or web campaigns to advertise a company’s brand, product, or service. But, this shouldn’t be the end of it. Many companies now print and make their own promotional booklets. Continuous advancement in technology means companies can print personalised, professional, and cost-efficient booklets. And, as modern digital printing techniques are discovered, this becomes even easier. Booklets highlight their work and promote their brand in an original, unique, and highly successful way.

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What Should I Put In My Promotional Booklets?

Your promotional booklet can simply feature your company’s product, services, or work. It can also be a medium of informing and educating your consumers about your field, industry, or business. 

Examples of effective Booklets for Businesses:

Product Portfolio – One great way to highlight your products or services better than a brochure is by using a professionally printed promotional booklet. It will not only showcase what you can give and do but it will really show your work in the best possible light. Promotional booklets feature and show off the creative work of a business with professionalism and impact.

“How To” Booklets – If you want to build the credibility of your business a booklet is perfect for that. When you share tips and experience, it gives your audience the impression that you are an expert in your field. “How To” booklets are great marketing tools that allow consumers to trust your brand and your business.

Before and After – Some things impact on people like a working demonstration of how you made a difference or transformed a client or a business. If you want to show practical ways in which you can help your customers, promotional booklets are the perfect tool.

You can try one or all of these types in your own promotional booklet. With up to 700 printed pages your booklet can be a combination of your product portfolio with information, case studies, and testimonials.

Advertise Your Promotional Booklet

If you want to build and increase awareness or promote a particular product or service, flyers and leaflets are perfect for that. While posters and display stands are effective, like other forms of print they all work great with short and high impact messages. 

A promotional booklet educates, informs, and shows examples of why your company is better than your competitors. You can promote your booklet on other printed marketing tools. You can advertise your booklet online by adding a sample PDF. Just make sure you don’t have the whole booklet available for download. Clients see booklets as longer lasting and valuable than other kinds of print. So, make sure that potential clients know about yours and persuade them to request it by adding a call to action.

Barney’s Printing provides clients with promotional booklets with hundreds of pages. You can select from a wide range of premium paper types, finishes, and weights. We also have a wide range of page sizes to fit your specific needs. And, most booklets are printed on HP Indigo Digital Presses. You are always sure that it creates perfect image reproduction and print high-quality products always. We also have three different kinds of binding depending on the size and purpose of your booklet. If you want to check out all of the available options, visit our website for more details.

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