Choosing Your Brands Colours

Whether you’re launching or branding a start-up, understanding the impact of colour is a must for your brand’s success. So, choosing your brands colours really does matter. 

The colour of your brand, company artwork, or product could either make or break its success.

Choosing Your Brands Colours

Why is Choosing Colours for Your Brand Important?

Without a doubt, colour is the main component of brand success. Colour is very important in marketing and branding because it’s where first impressions are based. Also, colour is the secret in creating a good identity for a business. They are more than just a visual aid since colour communicates experiences, feelings, and emotions. 

There is a branch of psychology that deals with colours and there effect on human behaviour. Studies show that 85% of potential client’s consider colour as the main motivator when buying a product. 

Factors to Consider in Choosing the Right Colours for Your Brand

Identify Your Focus

Ask yourself this question, “What’s the main focus of your brand?”

Is it to drive sales, generate leads, or increase your mailing list?

The driving elements when choosing your brand’s colour scheme must be your brand’s goal and mission. You maximize the success of increasing brand recognition by ensuring that these colours are aligned with your brand’s objectives. 

Know Your Identity when Choosing Your Brand’s Colours

Colour is a very powerful way to establish your brand’s identity. For example, companies like HP and Facebook used passive tones of blue to symbolize freedom, stability, and intellect. Additionally, these colour schemes effectively reflect what that brand is about, what it represents, and the benefits customers can get.

Your colour scheme must relate to your brand’s personality. This will improve its familiarity, so you can maximize the long-term success of your brand’s recognition. 

Imagine yourself in the shoes of your customers, and how they would like to view your brand. When choosing your brand’s colours, it must match the desire and goals of your brand.

Consider How Appropriate Your Colours Are

Business owners should know what message they want to send across their audience, considering the type of business they have. You can match the right colour shade to your message.

Choosing Your Brands Colours blog

Target Audience

It’s essential to know your target audience. So, the colour is suitable for the kind of encouragement needed for the target clients. So, when choosing your brand’s colours you should consider whether your target audience is men, women, children, families etc. Make sure you do you research to give your business the chance it deserves. 

Consistency when Choosing Your Brand’s Colours

A brand’s identity is strengthened when the colour scheme is consistent. It helps your brand to stand out over your competitors. Whatever colours you choose for your brand, ensure it is used across all aspects of the business include marketing and printing. Consistency helps you get the loyalty, trust, and familiarity of clients.

To Sum Up Choosing Your Brand’s Colours

Colour should not be underestimated. It has been proven to connect with your customers. Remember, that your selected colour will represent your brand in the long-run.

Whether you are designing your brand’s logo or making a new product, the colours you choose will have an impact on your brand and its success.

Once you’ve chosen your colours and designed your logo, you are going to need some beautiful and vibrant marketing material printed. Promotional Products are proven to be a great way to launch your brand and we can help with that too. A product as simple as a printed pen can get your brand noticed. 

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