What Is A Print Broker Melbourne?

You may wonder what the difference is between going to a print broker Melbourne and going to a traditional printer to get your next printing job done.

There are parallels between the job of a print broker and other sections of society. When you are thinking of buying shares, you don’t go direct to the company, say, BHP or Rio Tinto, but rather to a stock broker. This is because the stock broker represents many hundreds of companies listed on the Stock Exchange. He knows about each company and can guide you in your choice of investment. Similarly, a real estate agent is aware of all the properties in the area in which you want to buy a house. You go to him for help rather than wander aimlessly though the streets to chance upon a house for sale.

In like fashion, a print broker or print manager knows all there is to know about print. He can help whether you want the job printed onshore of offshore, whatever substrate you want the job printed on, whatever lead time you have. A traditional printer will know in depth about a narrow subset of the printing industry. He may be skilled in digital printing or in screen printing. This narrow understanding is not much help when you have a pressing job and need some support.

The print broker Melbourne, by contrast, has a wealth of knowledge and is in touch with hundreds of printers, several of whom would have exactly the skill and the machinery to achieve the outcome you require. To tap into this wealth of knowledge, why not get in touch with Barney’s for your next printing job? Call them at 1300 663 812 right now.