Custom Printed Promotional Drink Bottles

Today we would like to have a chat about promotional drink bottles or water bottles that feature custom printing.

In this particular case we have produced them in two colours for our client’s marketing campaign. Of course you can have as many colours as you wish though as we offer a range to choose from. This drink bottle has a silver collar which has been laser engraved in 4 positions.

This particular drink bottle was engraved within 24 hours which is a very tight deadline indeed but we can handle quick turnarounds when needed.

These custom drink bottles are BPA free to avoid any of those nasty chemicals seeping into the water you are drinking. It also has an easy to use ‘sipper’.

Promotional drink bottles, water bottles or flasks can be produced in a variety of ways. There are so many choices and different options for drink bottles styles, colours and materials. From collapsible bottles to marathon drink bottles, different colours, combinations of lids, to the more deluxe and aluminium style.

Promotional drink bottles are an excellent marketing tool and provide a lasting impression for your business whenever the client or customer uses them.

If you would like to discuss our promotional water bottles or any other printed products, please give my friendly team a call on 1300 663 812.