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Melbourne’s Barney’s Values All Printing Jobs

Melbourn’es Barney’s Values All Printing Jobs

Barney’s Print Management in Melbourne works with every size of business from small to medium to large corporates. Some of the bigger companies they work with are Yarra Trams, GE, Costco, the supermarket giant and Medtronic, the world leaders in the invention of the pacemaker. Barney’s have had to deliver on time in some very difficult situations.

One situation, remembered by Barney’s director, Garry Barnett, was when he was given some large printing jobs some time ago close to Easter. Good Friday and Easter Monday were both public holidays and the artwork was not delivered until late Thursday. The finished product was needed by the client on the Tuesday, so how were they going to be able to complete it on time? The only solution was to get the work done somewhere where Easter was not celebrated. Barney’s has contacts in Hong Kong and it was decided that was where the job should be sent.

Yet more complications arose when it was discovered that there were some problems with the artwork. The client was not contactable over the holiday period, so Barney’s had to make the judgment call about the changes. This they did. The 1.5 million very small stickers were produced on a flexographic process and carefully checked. Right on schedule the stickers were air freighted on an express service to the office of the client in Sydney, who said a simple thank you. Thank you! He just did not understand all that had been gone through to get that job completed.

Another close call was a job of producing thousand flyers in five hours, a large proportion being delivered to Sydney and a smaller number to the Gold Coast. Barney’s was up to the challenge.

It’s what goes on behind the scenes, things which you never see or ever know about, which makes Barney’s what it is. Your printing jobs are delivered on time every time to your exact specifications of. It takes all the worry out of printing. Go ahead and contact Barney’s to find out for yourself how easy they are to work with.

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