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In times gone by, postcards were used for personal communication between friends, and they still are. However, a new use for postcards has arisen and that is as an effective tool for promotional advertising in Melbourne. Postcards can be used to promote or introduce a new product or service, to update customers with current promotions and even to thank customers for establishing business with them.

Postcards can be sent through direct mail, or may be simply handed out. You can design your postcard yourself and even print them on your own printer to cut costs. Just make sure that the colour, font, size and graphics are coordinated to present an organized overall impression to your customers. Alternatively you could choose an online postcard printing company to do the work for you.

Postcards let you be as creative as you would like. They can be made in a variety of shapes, you can have fold out booklet style postcards, concertina postcards, single-sided, double-sided, full colour throughout or just full colour on the front side only. Laminations, foiling and metallic links can be added.

Create a postcard promotional advertising plan. You must determine the message you would like to convey to your target audience with your promotional material, and you should also decide how much money you are willing to spend on your postcard campaign. Gather together your marketing team who will help you implement your marketing plan. Present your own ideas and ask for suggestions and improvements from the members of your team.

Come up with a creative message and postcard design. You need something which will help you stand out from your many competitors. A striking headline and content, along with an attractive design and images will enable you to do this.

If you are not doing the printing yourself, find a printing company that specializes in promotional advertising in Melbourne. Now is not the time to be cutting corners, since you risk losing customers if the finished product is unsatisfactory.
Next, obtain your marketing list from a reputable source. The success of your campaign will depend on getting the postcards into the hands of your target audience. Make sure that the list you get is updated and contains the names of those most likely to be interested in your product or service.

Test run your plan for advertising with postcard. Before going into a full-scale campaign, do a small test run so that you can make any changes needed to enhance the postcards before they are released to the wider audience. By taking the time and trouble to do this test, you will greatly increase the chances of the entire campaign being a success.

If you are inexperienced in this area of promotional advertising in Melbourne, hire a postcard marketing service provider. Such companies can easily handle the logistics as well as the management of the complete campaign on behalf of your company.

The advantages of advertising through the use of postcards are many. There are low costs associated with the design, printing and postage delivery of a postcard. The postcards are small enough for a customer to carry in his pocket and they are efficient because they don’t require envelopes, thus catching the customer’s attention more easily. It is easy to track results by simply asking recipients to bring their cards in for a prize or a discount.

An excellent way to create an advertising campaign is to send out a series of postcards. This series of advertisements will share a common element or theme. A company may send out a postcard, perhaps offering pizza. The first time the potential customer receives the postcard, he may not be hungry and will throw the card away. The second time it arrives, he may note where the shop is situated and the third time, he may actually be hungry and order the pizza. Through repetition, the ad at lasts starts to bear fruit.

Postcards are a cheap and effective marketing tool. Every business would benefit from seeking the advice of a company that specializes in promotional advertising in Melbourne.

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