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Print Management Service: What’s the Process?

Print Management Service: What’s the Process?

When you get in touch with a print management service company to get you next printing job done, you may wonder what the process will be. Who will you deal with and what are the steps that will be taken to ensure you get a great result?

Garry Barnett, director of Barney’s Print Management, does not come from a technical trade school background in the printing industry. He has spent the last ten years in printing, but prior to that he worked in corporate marketing and customer service. He believes that delivering a great experience is what you the customer are looking for. It doesn’t matter to you necessarily what ink and paper are being used, you just want the job done on time and to the best practice quality.

When you contact Barney’s, you will be in touch with a real person. Barney’s is not a faceless business. They are a recognised print management service. The production coordinator you speak to will have technical knowledge about printing and also customer service capability. This person will guide you through the whole print process. The account manager or production coordinator will help you flesh out the specifications for your job.

There is a certain process that you go through from the moment you pick up the phone and call Barney’s Print Management. From the time of your enquiry to the ultimate shipping of your goods, there are series of moments of truth Barney’s will have with you. A series of emails and phone calls will happen in order to gain clarification of the job. There are also quality steps and proofing steps.

On Barney’s website, every page has a one hundred per cent satisfaction guarantee. To be true to this guarantee, there is a seven point quality process. One of these steps is to give you a proof or a test print in order that you can mark up any changes needed.

Once the brief is completely understood, a panel of suppliers who fit the particular criteria is sent a copy of the brief through an automated system. The suppliers all quote on the job. It’s like a private tender on every single occasion. The prices are then listed in ascending or descending order. Every supplier has been vetted, their site inspected so that they all hit Barney’s quality expectations.

Once Barney has approval on your quote, they then require the artwork from you. The work then goes to a proofing stage and the proof is delivered by email as a pdf proof or a physical proof. There is just one point of contact for you: Barney’s. You don’t need to contact twenty or thirty printers, because Barney’s has the supplier base to get any job satisfactorily completed.

Why not try Barney’s print management service out for your next printing job. You will be sure to be pleasantly surprised.

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