What Is Print Management Melbourne?

When you need to get a printing job done, you can go to a traditional printer. But more and more people are turning to print managers or print brokers and here’s why…

A printer is limited by the machinery he has in his factory. He may have one or two presses only. But print managers sit above every single print process. They can print on any substrate and can organize delivery to any country, any location, any medium, in any timeframe. They are never at capacity.

A printer often does reach capacity. Once their printing presses are booked up, they have reached capacity. Because of the huge number of suppliers a print management Melbourne company has, they never reach capacity. This is good news for you.

Going to one printer, you will get one price for a job. If you had gone to a print management company, the specifications for your job would be sent out to a multitude of printers and a number of quotes received. Some of these are wholesale prices which only the print broker can buy. This saving then can be passed on to you.

A person who does print management Melbourne is similar to a mortgage broker. The mortgage broker is in contact with dozens of banks and lending institutions and can get the best deal for his client and handle everything for him. Similarly, the print manager can easily contact thirty or forty different printers in an automated fashion and then offer you the very best price.

Dealing with a print management company saves you a great deal of time and money and also ensures you get your job done to a very high standard. Experience what Barney’s has to offer by contacting them for your next printing job. Call them at 1300 663 812 today.