Decals Printing: Just Add Water

Decal printing, here in Melbourne and around the world, refers to plastic, cloth, paper or ceramic products that have a pattern, text or logo printed on it, which can be moved to another surface. The decal is wetted to soften the glue and then slid onto another surface where it is left to dry or baked onto the host surface. Decals are often placed on glass, crockery, model cars and planes and all types of craft. They can be used to decorate cars or rooms and can be very effectively used in advertising.  Industries such as hospitality and catering have corporate logos which are then applied to their crockery and fixed at a food safe temperature in a batch oven.

Car decals can make a vehicle more exciting and can make it easier to pick out in a parking lot. Care must be taken when applying decals to vehicles that they don’t obscure the driver’s vision. Apart from being merely decorative, decals are perfect for logos, fleet names and numbers and of course, advertising. Your car is visible on the road by potentially a vast number of possible customers, and a catchy tagline will immediately attract their attention. If the company name and telephone or website address is clearly visible, this can bring in business to the company.

If you are looking to advertise using decals, take your time to look through the range of options and colours available. Cars are not the only place to use decals for advertising. You can put decals where your customer least expects it. Put one on a window, a front door or even on the floor. In this way, you can detail services, hours and products available.

With colourful decals, a baby’s nursery, child’s bedroom or an office can be made a lot more attractive. In fact, any room can benefit from a decal. Children’s bedrooms are often decorated with Disney characters or characters from fairytales, while adult bedrooms can be beautified with a seascape or cityscape. Furniture can also benefit from the application of a decal. Place the decal of a lacy green vine over a bookshelf, or a floral motif on some comfy chairs and see what a dramatic improvement can be made.

Decals can be made in glossy or matte. Decals that are matte will create a hand painted ‘mural’ look. Using gloss, you will be making a statement.

Decal printing in Melbourne is extremely cost effective. Putting your company’s logo on your vehicle through decal printing will increase customer awareness for very little outlay on your part. Decals can often be purchased in bulk which makes them a very sensible purchase.

There is no end to places decals can be used to advertise, beautify or decorate. They can be placed on laptops, notebooks and cell phones, on iPhones, on bikes and on helmets. They are long lasting and yet cheap enough that you can easily replace them to keep your message fresh. For fun and for business, decal printing is a great way to go.

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