Printing for Christmas Promotion Begins Now

Be Prepared for your Christmas Promotion and Order Your Printing Now

The weeks leading into the holiday season are normally the busiest and the best time for businesses. It can also be the season for new customers, increased sales, and high revenues. A few days into October and Barneys has already helped lots of brands design, create, and launch their Christmas Promotion Printing campaigns. And, it is getting busier as we move closer to Christmas.

If you want to boost your sales leading into the end of the year, take note of this. We are sharing with you some things you can consider when doing your Christmas promotion printing.

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Christmas Promotion Printing Checklist

Prepare your marketing collateral designs

Get everything you need for your Christmas Promotion designed now. Set them up like your in-store displays, current invitations, and brochures. When you’re in a rush, it may lead to printing wrong information, forgetting important details, and losing sales opportunities. Most importantly, you may run out of time all together. 

Add the Christmas Theme To Your New Style for your Promotion Printing

There are tons of ways to incorporate the Christmas theme into your designs. By adding this touch, you can spread joy to the world while growing your business. Engaging, subtle, and festive ornamental designs work well with logos, invitations, newsletters, landings pages, and websites.

Sort out all your printing early

Have your Christmas Promotion sale flyers, posters, thank you & Christmas cards, and in-store displays printed early. There are so many things to do and prepare since it’s a busy season. Be sure to sort all your printing while there is plenty of time. Lead times can increase closer to Christmas as schedules get fully booked. Furthermore, we don’t want you to miss any deadlines and being prepared early is the best way to ensure this doesn’t happen. 

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Don’t forget your email promotions

Because of technology, people have access to their gadgets and emails. Everyone is checking their emails all the time whether they’re at home, work, or somewhere else. Whilst Christmas Promotion Printing is important, don’t forget to use email marketing. Engaging email promotions is a fast, effective, and affordable addition to your Christmas marketing campaigns. Emails are sent in an instant but creating an email campaign takes time. You need to consider the content and design template. Especially if it’s a series of emails, you need to allot days or weeks to prepare and run it. You also need to allow people to react to your promotions.

Gift some customised merchandise

Sending customised merchandise to all of your customers is not always practical. It may depend on the size of your customer base and your budget. However, it is a very effective way for you to show special customers during the holiday season how much you appreciate them. Using personalised items helps you get a higher return on investment and more clients. You may want to consider items such as Coasters, Wine & Cheese Items or Bluetooth Speakers just to name a few.

To Sum Up Christmas Promotion Printing

A well-planned Christmas marketing strategy is important for promotion of your business. It will help your business acquire new leads, sales, and revenue. Now, is the right time to apply everything we have shared and start planning your printing campaign.

If you need help with your Christmas Promotion Printing, don’t hesitate to contact Barneys