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Printing Vehicle Signage

Printing Vehicle Signage

Printing vehicle signage is one of the most effective, cost effective printing solutions to advertise and promote your business in Melbourne. Your vehicle in effect becomes a moving billboard. With signage, your vehicles become valuable assets as everywhere they go, your name goes with them, people see them and remember them.

Vehicle signage is cost effective. Although the upfront costs you may see as high, think of it as a long term investment for your business. There are tax benefits, not to mention the advertising benefits. Any branding increases community awareness and will increase enquiries and potentially your sales.

This form of advertising lasts a very long time, is visible 365 days a year and there are no ongoing costs, because presumably you already own the vehicles on which these advertisements are going to be displayed.

There are very many printing solutions for the type of signs you can use on your vehicles, from small magnetized signs which can be easily installed and removed at your convenience to full body vehicle signs. Custom wraps can be applied to any size vehicle from minis to trucks. All wraps are computer generated designs and are printed via a wide format printer and then applied by hand by skilled installers. There are custom printing designs that completely cover the surface, which are full wraps, and there are partial wraps which only cover a section of the surface of the vehicle. For a completely professional look, fleet vehicles can all be signed and wrapped identically.

To decide on the company to do the signage for you, make sure you choose one which specializes in the type of signage you want. The result will be more professional, will be completed quicker and will cost you less. Ask the company as many questions as you need to about what they specialize in and in their opinion, what type of sign will best suit the message you want to convey and the type of vehicle you want to use. Quotes for vehicle signs are based on the materials used, the lettering needed and the complexity of the sign’s installation.

Cost will also depend on the durability of your sign and whether you want to update from time to time to keep the message fresh. If you do not have someone in your company who can design your vehicle advertising, most design companies have their own graphic designers. If you already know what you want and have it professionally designed, send a good quality file through to the signage company.

A study has shown that almost all travelers notice graphics on wrapped vehicles and 30% of consumers base buying decisions on impressions they receive from company vehicles. Several studies have also shown that vehicle wraps are the most effective form of advertising today, surpassing even TV advertising. Vehicle signage is a critical marketing, advertising and promotion solution.

When you are advertising in this way, the most important thing is to capture the attention of your audience. Create a clear message that is unambiguous. You want to keep it simple, clear and short. You only have between three and six seconds to get your message across.

Offer something that is of high perceived value to the customer. It should be something they are actively looking for. Finally, convey a level of confidence and believability in the mind of the customer. They must believe you and feel confident in contacting you. The proper design can make this happen.

Consider vehicle advertising. It will give you the edge over your competitors and provide you with the opportunity to make your business well known and successful. Just another way that the right printing solutions in Melbourne can help.

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