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Vinyl Car Wrapping

Vinyl Car Wrapping

Vinyl car wrapping can be applied to any size vehicle.  In this video we’ve used a miniature car to prove our point.

We have used self adhesive conformable vinyl and digitally printed onto it with the required artwork.  After this we have painstakingly and very carefully applied the vinyl using a heat process to conform the vinyl to the shape of the vehicle and wrap it.  This is a delicate process as you can imagine but the effects are fantastic and guaranteed to impress.

The car looks great and the graphics are sharp.

This is a great idea for a corporate gift for your VIPs. It’s memorable and something unique that will be truly appreciated. Customers will love it and this kind of gift will definitely make a great talking point for word of mouth advertising long term.

When using vinyl car wrapping on standard sized vehicles, it is also a very effective way of marketing your business.  You are quite literally a mobile advertisement everywhere you drive, stop or park.  It’s high impact marketing long after the wrapping is finished.

If you are interested in vinyl car wrapping or any other car wrapping for that matter whether large or small, give us a call on1300 663 812 to discuss your individual needs.

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