Promotional Beer Coasters and QR Codes

In this video we look at promotional beer coasters and how using a smartphone and a drink coaster is smart marketing for your business.

In this particular instance we have a CMYK full colour printed coaster. But this one is a bit special. Our client came up with a great concept to integrate a QR code into the artwork. When you scan the QR code with a smart phone you will be taken through to the client website or to a landing page specific to your campaign. That is really smart marketing tool and will be sure to create a talking point. People remember something different and in this day and age, people use their smartphones for everything so you it makes sense to create a campaign utilising them.

This example is a 95mm square coaster but we can also do any shape or size. Another common size is a 90mm circle. We have more to choose from and can handle a quick turnaround and any size print run.

So whether you need a short run, medium run or high volume we’d love to help you with a project like this.

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