Pull Up Banners

If you’ve got an Expo or Conference coming up, you need a Pull Up Banner from Barney’s, to stand out from the crowd.

Barney’s Pull Up Banners are photographic quality, printed at 300dpi on polypropylene, synthetic material. They have a sturdy base and pole at the back, making them easy to put up. With their convenient and light weight carry case, Barneys Pull Up Banners, are perfect to take with you when you’re travelling.

Pull up banners catch the attention of customers wherever you are wishing to promote your business as they are completely portable.  So compact and fantastic for workshops, events, expos or even just in your showroom or foyer.

Print your logo, marketing message or anything you like on a pull up banner and instantly deliver a clear message to your customers about your products or services.  Wherever you go, your brand message goes with you and a banner can fit so much information on so your customers are clear about what you offer.

Let Barneys’s Print Management help you promote your Business or Product with a Pull Up Banner or any other promotional printing projects you are considering.

Call them today on 1300 633 812 to discuss your individual needs.