Video Tutorial On Installing Window Decals

If you have a shop or office with the typical glass facade, then you can put it into good use by advertising your business there. What better way to do it than installing window decals with your business name printed on it. It’s cheap and easy to install, just watch our tutorial video above.

As our decal installer mentioned in the video, it may look easy but it really is about having the experience that makes installing decals a breeze. After ordering your decal you may put it on yourself, but it is always better to just let an expert installer do it for you.You wouldn’t want to go to the expense of purchasing and printing the perfect window decal and then lose your marketing message through poor installation.

The intention is to catch the customer’s eye and installing printed window decals can make your business really stand out from the crowd.  This is the perfect way to promote your business and attract customers.

Window decals are just one of the printing services we are offering here at Barney’s. Contact us today at 1300 633 812 to find out how we can be of service to you for all of your promotional printing needs.