Signage & Installation at Darwin International Airport

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Darwin’s International Airport comes alive with new airport window graphics sign installation service.

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Window Graphics Signage Print & Installation at Darwin International Airport – a Case Study.

Often at Barneys Print we get involved with some interesting projects because we are constantly on the look out to expand our services. Recently we were involved in the upgrading of Darwin International Airport. We assisted by decorating the many glass partitions and walls around the newly renovated terminals. Phase one has now been completed. There are more Darwin airport sign installation upgrades to come.

We printed and installed floor to ceiling window graphics and wall graphics. These graphics surrounded the departure lounges and ticketing areas. The theme was based on the concept of “Sense Of Place”.

Garry Barnett (Managing Director) explains “This project presented many challenges. However, our signage and installation experience meant we were able to do the print and installation without a hitch.

Certainly with signage, a big part of our job is making absolutely sure the right materials are used. It is also vital that communication between all parties involved is clear and concise. Any mistake or misinterpretation can be costly.

Examples of how to achieve a seamless installation can be as simple as ensuring the correct ladders were used.  Similarly, it was important that airport staff knew where the installers would be and at what time so they could manage passenger flow.  Furthermore, we had to know which tools could be used in secure areas.

At Barneys, print management can cover a wide range of services. We can easily meet any challenge head-on due to our extensive experience. We also have a fantastic group of suppliers.”

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