Opportunities For Brands To Cut Through The Noise Using Direct Mail

A very small portion of the print world has remained untouched despite the continuous spread of the global virus and its effects. A lot has happened due to this pandemic. Many people have lost their jobs or working from home, some are forced to stay in their homes. Everyone has been affected. Even the economy of each country and nation. The print industry also took a big blow. The majority of print businesses had a sizeable decrease in orders and revenues. However, some still experienced a small ray of light during this period. Some businesses have been as busy or busier than before. This includes businesses involved with areas of pharmaceutical and food packaging, Government suppliers, and other public service-related organisations. Because of the fast decrease in experiential marketing, many are seeing the opportunities for direct mail.

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Brand in the hand with Direct Mail

During this pandemic, almost everyone spends most of their time at home. It is a huge advantage for brands if you use this time to send out mail or door-drop directly. Especially during this time, advertisements are mostly found online and on TV. Giving something tangible that shares your brand’s message is a powerful way to create, build and ensure brand loyalty. Not only that, it can also help charities whose donation levels have decreased. Direct email gives valuable levels of engagement and returns on investment.

Since people are at home, when something comes through their mailbox, they’ll surely have a look. So, a printed brochure, catalogue or letter will be a really strong medium if the brand wants to create or boost awareness.

The Opportunity for Direct Mail

Brands should know how powerful and effective prints are. TV gives you the reach, however, it is a very expensive choice for a lot of businesses. Most people are online but constant pop-ups of content and online ads make it harder for brands to engage a customer. Executed correctly, direct mail can grab their attention, take a pause from what they’re doing, and give them a call-to-action. 

Ahead of the curve

In any crisis, marketing budgets are usually the first thing to be cut down. However, experts agree that it is important for brands to continue communicating with the customer even during a crisis. Take the opportunity to check in with your customers and even include a compact promotional product such as temporary tattoos with your brand.

Always remember that being top-of-mind for customers will make them want everything to go back to the way it was quickly. Someone said that the best time to advertise your brand to people is when others are not. Take advantage of this time and once everything subsides we can all adapt to the new normal. 

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