Tent Calendars and How To Create The Perfect Design

A calendar can be a chart or series of pages that shows the days, weeks, and months of a particular year. Everyone needs to stay on track and know certain seasonal information. It is a cost-effective marketing tool that can help you promote your business effectively throughout the year. You can give out or send tent calendars to your clients as a token of your appreciation and to strengthen your relationship.

A well-designed tent calendar can transform a dull office desk into a great brand-building advertisement for your business. But, this will not be the case if your design fails to catch the attention of your receiver. Prevent this from happening by making an attention-grabbing calendar that your clients will like. One that they enjoy looking at every day.

If you need some help in doing this, let us help you. So, here are some things you need to know and take note of to create the best tent calendar.

The Ultimate Tent Calendar for 2021

Tent calendars will be a great item for the upcoming year. People can use this functional tool everyday. It is also a great way to advertise your brand for the whole year. These calendars are also called desk calendars. It gives a lot of display opportunities but has a very small footprint.

What Is A Tent Calendar?

A tent calendar is a triple-sided calendar. It has the style of a table-talker or a tent. They are great for people or clients you know who work at a desk. Create them in a way that the design reflects your brand. Therefore, customers will be reminded daily of your brand and message.

What Are The Benefits?

There are various benefits you can gain from using tent calendars. Advertising is one of them! It can boost your brand’s awareness and give your customers something useful and practical. Expose your brand all year-round while these self-standing calendars are on your client’s desks. 

If you are looking for a great promotional tool for the coming year, try these calendars. They can also be added in an advertising direct mailer with a printed brochure. You could even include a small promotional item such as a Lens Microfibre Cleaning Cloth. At Barney’s Printing, we send out the calendars flat so they can be assembled and posted when needed.

How To Design A Tent Calendar?

Tent calendars reflect your personal preference and the requirements of your business. But, there are some suggestions we want you to remember to make sure you maximise your tent calendar. So, here are some of our tips:

  1. Branding –Your promotional calendar is an advertising tool, so make sure it looks great. You can add your brand’s logo and use its colours to make sure your clients remember who it is from.
  2. Include Your Contact Details – Your clients must know how they can contact you by seeing your details on the calendar. After all, you want people to keep in touch with your business – that is the reason why you gave them a promotional tent calendar.
  3. Select The Best Finish – You want your customers to have a great impression of your business. Giving your clients a high-quality promotional calendar with the best finish. We have a wide variety of finishes available from gloss to silk, or uncoated with lamination choices for durability. The flat side of this item is 312mm x 210mm. This item is creased three times to give 3 equal sizes of 99mm (297mm) and has double-sided tape already applied.

A Final Checklist

Lastly, once you have finalised the design, you can use the checklist below to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.

  • Artwork is 300dpi
  • CMYK colour profile
  • All fonts embedded
  • Texts that are not below 6pt in size
  • No text is running across the folded areas

Should A Tent Calendar Be Portrait Or Landscape?

It depends on your preference. Tent calendars may either be landscape or portrait. Firstly, think about everything you need to add to your calendar and work out the best way to fit it all in. However, both of them look great whether landscape or portrait.

Where Can I Print A Tent Calendar?

Barney’s Printing is the best printing partner you can have for your tent calendars. We supply them flat so you can post them. It also comes with pre-applied double-sided tape for easy assembly. Further more, we provide quick turnarounds and guarantee you that the products are top quality. We use HP Indigo presses for the best results.

Why Barney’s Printing?

We use the latest technology in digital printing and print your jobs using our HP Indigo digital presses. With our experience in the industry, we will help you achieve what you need for your promotional items. We always offer the following to our clients: quick turnaround time, high-quality print, and value for money. Additionally, we commit to providing the best product every time.

Lastly, we offer a quick and easy ordering system through our website. Our team is always open to your inquiries and order, don’t hesitate to contact them.