Promotional Floor Mats For Branding Your Business

Promotional mats are a great way to make your brand visible everywhere and given away to your clients, retail outlets and used in your business.

The promotional floor mat shown in the youtube clip has a single sided print with a rubber backing. It actually has a non-slip backing which really is necessary for safety. You would generally put these in the doorway or an entranceway of a retail shop or some kind of workshop environment.

On the front it has a dye sublimated image. It has been PMS colour matched and the registration is really sharp. Sublimation is a heat transfer process in this case directly onto a 4mm nylon.

Promotional Floor mats are easy to walk on, long lasting and durable. They can be drycleaned which is helpful in winter. You can make it as vibrant and as colourful as you wish and we can make it in lots of different sizes.

Different promotional floor mats can also be manufactured so they are rot resistant, UV stable, use marine grade polypropylene carpet tops
(Texturised carpet scrapes dirt & debris off shoes), Nitrile rubber construction for maximum durability, crush resistant, use containment borders to trap moisture well suited to high foot traffic applications. Floor mats are available for indoor and out door applications.